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The movement ETA 2892 A2

There is rarely a movement which finds as much use as the automatic module  ETA 2892 A2  It's high power and excellent moving characteristic makes it  the ideal center piece for many watch brands. 

Next to its ease of winding, it is primarily the high turning momentum which makes the ETA2892 A2 so special. Already a small move of the wrist, starts the rotor and with it, the automatic winding system. The automatic rotor contains 7 steel ball bearings and allows for a large ratchet wheel. This in turn allows for fast winding of the watch. The end result is one of the most reliable chronometer grade, automatic movements on the market. A true marvel of Swiss ingenuity and engineering

To list all the brands that use the caliber 2892 A2 is equal to a ”Whose who” of the Swiss watch industry. The following is only a partial listing of all the brands using this caliber in there watches.

Cartier Breitling Maurice Lacroix
Bulagari Mido Movdo
Ebel Bunt Corun
Bedat & Co Chanel Carl F.Bucher
Eterna Chopard Hermes
Chronoswiss Frank Müller Omega
Hublot IWC Longinea
Tag Heuer Paul Picot August Remond